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I use Bitcoin every day and I no longer hold any fiat

I pay my rent with Bitcoin, I buy my groceries with Bitcoin and yes, I buy my coffee with Bitcoin. Listening to that-other-bitcoin-subreddit and the-fork-that-shall-not-be-named-subreddit, you would think that Bitcoin has entirely ceased to be a viable medium of exchange. I disagree. My transaction fees are less than a penny when buying coffee, and they are about to get a whole lot cheaper once Lightning Network and Rootstock get deployed.
When I began exchanging my fiat into Bitcoin years ago my goal was to use it to buy things, not to hodl. This was at a time when Bitcoin was boring in price terms anyway. The problem was that no merchant accepted my currency. I knew this to be a temporary state of affairs and so it did not bother me and I kept holding onto my currency and pushing for adoption where I could.
In the spring of 2017 I received my first crypto debit card from Cryptopay. It bridged the gap between my magic-internet-money and the real world. It was exhilarating to finally be able to use my Bitcoin daily. Unfortunately, the card held euro and so it did not really feel like I was spending Bitcoin, as I used the mobile app to manually refill the card by exchanging Bitcoin into euro.
Fast forward to the summer of 2017 and TenX came along promising a card that automatically converted, at the time of the transaction, between Bitcoin and whatever currency the merchant accepted. I was one of the first to order their card, which was a real challenge at the time due to their extremely buggy software. Late in autumn my card arrived and I knew things would never be the same again.
There was one more obstacle still remaining for full adoption. I kept falling victim to Gresham’s law, which states that bad money drives out good money. I wanted to hold onto my crypto which increased in value and preferred to spend my fiat which decreased in value due to inflation. The only way to escape this was to go full crypto. The value increase of Bitcoin already meant that 95% of my money was suddenly in crypto. And so I decided to go full crypto and to never look back.
TenX works similar to an exchange in that transactions on the platform do not occur onchain. When I buy coffee I pay neither a transaction fee nor an exchange fee. The merchant pays the fee to Visa and the card issuer, same as with any debit or credit card. Transfering 0.1 BTC to my TenX account cost me $2 (100 sat/byte) and took 48 hours. Perhaps not ideal but good enough, and it allows me to purchase 1000 cups of coffee with an average transaction cost of 0.2 cents per cup. With TenX aiming to get 1 million of these cards into circulation in 2018, I feel that the world is about to get a whole lot more interesting, at least here in the EU.
If Bitcoin were to crash 90% tomorrow, I would still buy the dip with my next paycheck. But unless Satoshi were to dump his stash at the same time as the US, EU and China all tried to ban Bitcoin, I doubt we will be fortunate enough to get such a steep discount.
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Afternoon all,
And a happy afternoon it is, what with Bitcoin soaring!
Reminds me of my trip back in 2017.
I bought 1 BTC for $4.7k and set off to 20 countries for 12 months all on that 1 coin.
Wild ride. Met John McAfee and asked him about all the scams he's running. Asked Vitalik Buterin about life on mars. Got arrested by the police in Cairo. Slept under a bridge after my couchsurfing host bailed. A real roller coaster from start to finish.
Rode it to $20k in early 2018 before riding it back down to $5k.
Well, as promised, I finished writing the book about it. Or at least half the book.
Stolen Wallets: And Where to Buy Them
Here's the back cover blurb:
What's in your wallet?
You okay with a stranger poking through it? I'm not. Never in a million. My wallet is my private little hell. Receipts for things I can't afford and a picture of an ex I still miss. But there I was, standing in a grubby back alley in Bangkok. Wallets that once belonged to other people -- scattered on a table in front of me: Crocodile skin Gucci, scuffed generic brown leather, even a DIY duct-tape wallet -- each and every single one stolen. Curiosity killed my ethics. I picked one up. It was full. Not with money, of course, but with ...
These are the stories of my travels.
Before all this I was a desk jockey. Putting in my 9-to-5. Binge-watching Netflix alone. Then I bought 1 bitcoin -- and it started to skyrocket. Little did I know it was my golden ticket. From China to Europe. 20 countries, 12 months, and my skyrocketing bitcoin. A red carpet to a world of fast money, greed, hype, hope and corruption. Wild crypto parties. Fake tits on fake friends. Stacks of counterfeit money. Stolen wallets. Then the bubble popped -- and the world of the newly rich began burning down around me.
It's a short book. 40 something pages. It's the first half of the whole story. That's why it's only $5.50 for the paperback on Amazon -- that's the lowest Amazon let's me go (break even).
I figured it's best to test the waters first. I'm not the best writer. No Pulitzer prize gathering dust on a mantel.
Putting together this first half took months of writing, re-writing, and drinking until the words looked right.
Not much more to say besides posting the "1st chapter" (It's more of a logbook entry) down below and a link to Amazon.
Previous Reddit post:
Logbook. Entry 1.
T minus 2 days to launch.
On the black market…
My liver is worth: 55.78 bitcoins.
One of my kidneys: 16.41 bitcoins (if sold in China) and 4.11 bitcoins (if sold in India).
My skeleton: 0.99 Bitcoins -- spooky cheap.
My dick? Hm. I can’t seem to find a reliable source for black market cocks.
That’s not good.
Listen, say I get kidnapped -- which is entirely possible where I’m going. Then, after a few days of torture, the kidnappers say: “Deeply sorry about this, young man, but since no one came through with your ransom we’ll need to go ahead and harvest one of your major organs -- have a preference?”
If the black market ran rife with naughty bits -- and my drinking habits still required a functioning liver -- I’d go ahead and have them lop off my cock.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to my brain at 2 o’clock in the morning. I can’t stop thinking. I can’t stop worrying. In a few very short days I fly away. Away from my family, my friends, the friendly neighborhood dog I pet on my way to work (Good old Charlie, with his lopsided ears and robber-scaring bark). In short -- away from everything I know. Away from home.
And for what?
To travel around the world … on 1 bitcoin.
  1. Beijing -- Bitcoin is banned. And I’m going during military prep for the 19th Congress of the Communist Party. Real solid timing on my part there.
  2. Shanghai -- China’s largest underground smuggling hub for opium, molly, cocaine, and black-tar heroin. Also -- I could be fined and jailed for jaywalking.
  3. Hong Kong -- I can buy a fake Rolex for $10, or a real one that ‘fell off the back of the truck’ for $1500. Do they accept Bitcoin?
  4. Burma (Myanmar)-- This is where shit hits the fan. There’s a genocide boiling in NorthWest Burma. The Army is herding minorities and burning their villages. I’ve heard BTC helps them escape.
  5. Cambodia -- Tourists are given the option to rent rocket launchers ... and blow up cows. Jesus Christ. Unreal. Are cryptocurrencies involved?
  6. Bangkok -- The sex trafficking capital of S.E. Asia. Massage parlors, ping-pong shows, and “happy endings.” Will this country be my happy ending? (Note to editor: delete that joke. I can do better).
  7. The Philippine’s -- “President Rodrigo Duterte urges citizens to shoot drug addicts in the streets.” He promised enough drug dealer bodies would be dumped in Manila Bay that fish there would grow fat from feeding on them. Does the same go for BTC traders?
  8. India -- Transplant tourism. The Red Market. Hearts, lungs, livers handed off for a digital wallet full of crypto -- none of which goes to the victims. Perhaps if I get desperate I’ll sell a kidney.
  9. Africa -- Not sure which country I’ll wind up in. Not sure if I’ll even make it. One bitcoin is not exactly a hefty sum. By this point I’ll be running out -- and that’s if the value of my single bitcoin hasn’t buried it’s two front teeth in the dirt.
  10. Europe -- who am I kidding? The odds of me arriving in Europe with my wallet in one hand and my dick in the other are as tiny as both those things.
The goal: 365 days. 12 months. 1 year… on 1 bitcoin. To survive I’ll need to couchsurf, eat cheap street food, and rely on the kindness of strangers -- cryptocurrency strangers.
If I accidentally trade my bitcoin for counterfeit money -- I’ll go to foreign prison. If I get food poisoning -- I’ll end up in a 3rd world hospital. If a couchsurfing host bails on me -- I’ll be sleeping under a bridge. If I trade my bitcoin in a non-public place -- I’ll get mugged. But if I trade in a public place I could be mistaken for a drug dealer -- and shot. In fact, I’ll need to make a supremely concentrated effort to not get jailed, mugged, stranded, or shot. Jesus, no wonder I can’t sleep. Why am I doing this?
2 weeks ago.
A local Denny’s Diner.
All-American breakfast -- a weekend routine for my father.
“Bitcoin is not money.”
“Bitcoin will never be money.”
“And you should shave off your beard.”
“....It’s a good beard, dad.”
The waitress politely offers to refill his coffee. He waves her away.
“You’re mother keeps calling me. She used to never call me. I’ve worked hard to keep it that way. Now she’s calling me day and night. Worried sick.”
“She’s a good mom.”
“She’s a pain in the ass. You’re a pain in the ass. She calls me, telling me to talk you out of going, reading me headlines,” he continues while salting his eggs aggressively, “Jealous Gay Husband Uses Bitcoin to Hire Hitman. Sex trafficking on the Silk Road with Bitcoin. Terrorism on the rise with the rise of Bitcoin. I’d hang up but she’d call me back with ten more.”
“Not to worry, sheriff. I won’t be financing a revolution.”
“What will you be financing, hm? With this magic internet money?” He waves a breakfast sausage at the grocery store across the street. “Say I have a mind to go shopping. Fill the fridge. Put bread, butter, and beer on my table tonight. Think the teller will let me pay with your Facebook likes? Hm? Because that’s what they are. These bitcoins, these junkie frequent flier miles. About as useful as condoms to the Pope.”
I had to laugh at that one. “That’s the spirit, sheriff. That’s what I’ll be traveling to find out. What the hell I can finance. What can I buy with my magic internet money.”
“And how much of this fairy dust do you own?”
“One. I bought one Bitcoin.”
“And how big a hole did it burn in your wallet?”
“Four thousand, seven hundred dollars...and change.”
Dad’s not the type to bulge his eyes out in surprise. His is the clench of the jaw that markes his disapproval. “You could have put that money toward getting your shit together.”
I met his disapproval. “This is me getting my shit together.”
“That a fact? And how much is your one pedobuck worth today?” he says, scrutinizing me over his cup of coffee. Waiting. He used to be a great cop. It’s why I never could get away with anything as a kid. Still can’t.
I look away. “Four thousand two hundred.”
“Down five hundred bucks, already?”
“In one week?”
“Something like that.”
Times like this. Right here. Times like this remind me of those unimaginative books where the author writes “and then he picked at his food.” What a terrible line. Overused. Unimaginative. But here I am ... picking at my food. No matter how old I get, dad’s disapproval will always be something special.
“You know what you might have done with that money? Hm?” He tosses his used napkin on his empty breakfast plate. “Gone to a barber. Shaved your beard.” Down went the last swig of his coffee. “Looked for another engineering job. Got another engineering job. Used that fancy university degree you’re still in debt for.”
“I’ve been trying.”
“Try harder. Get your shit together.”
“Sheriff, I -”
“Listen, my genius son, I will not bail you out. I will not let your mother bail you out. We do not have the money. What you are doing is a mistake. It will end in failure.”
“I am not finished. You have never taken a trip remotely like this in your entire life.” He always had a remarkable way of raising his voice without actually raising his voice. “I will not be speaking ching-chong Chinese to some oriental dipshit deputy because you stuck your finger in someone’s else’s dumpling. Your mother will not fly out to Cambodia with a steaming bowl of chicken noodle soup because you ate tapeworm salad. And God forbid. God forbid you get taken, held for ransom, or sliced open.”
“I understand.”
“You do not understand.” He begins ticking off fingers. “If you get stranded. If you get imprisoned. If you get hospitalized. If someone steals your magic computer fairy dust. Nobody will bail you out. There will be no cavalry. You will be on your own. Alone.”
And now the silence. Silence like a large wave going out, giving you time to change your mind, time to rethink your life choices. Before the wave returns to knock your sandcastle out.
“No, Sheriff, I’m doing this.”
“To find out if bitcoin is money. If it has a future.”
“Unacceptable. Stick your nose in a book about it. Why do you want to go?”
“I’ve never done anything like this before. This’ll test me. Make me grow.”
“Pussy of a reason,” he growls. “Why are you going?”
“I don’t know. But I’ll find out.”
After awhile he stands. “Remember.” He takes out his wallet. “You get on that plane --- and there won’t be no cavalry.” Withdraws a few crisp bills. Tosses them on the table. “And only money … is money.”
Let me know if you enjoyed it or not.
I could keep posting logbook entries? Or I could read it on Youtube. Post the whole book chapter by chapter. Not like Amazon needs the money, amiright?
And if it's no good, say that too. Saves me time since I won't need to write the rest.
Around the world on 1 BTC -- my book's all finished.
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Author: markfromearth
1: www*amaz***e**W**let*-W**re-Buy-Th*m*dp/108*0855*6/ 2: ***itco*n/com*ents/*gh*eb/i_***vele*_the_w*r*d_on_*_bt*_*nd**i**ll*/ 3: bitcoi*a*oun**heworld*com* 4: ww*.amazo****m/S**len-W*llets-Where**uy*The*/dp/10*608556**]*^1 5: ww*.r*d*it.*om/Bitcoi*/com*ents/**h*eb*i\*trave*ed\*the\_wor*d*_o*\_**_btc\***d\_final*y/**^2 6: bitco*nar*u*d**e*o*]^*3
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5 Popular Wallets to Experience Bitcoin Lighting Network

5 Popular Wallets to Experience Bitcoin Lighting Network
On March 15th, 2018, Elizabeth Stark, CEO of Lightning Labs, announced the birth of the first official beta version of the lightning network. The solution was supported by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, SpaceX investor Bill Lee and computer giant Microsoft, other prominent members of the encryption community also expressed their support.
A year later, the Lightning Network (LN) has made great strides. According to data from the LN monitoring website, the network has a capacity of 1057 BTC(about $4.3 million), which has increased by 50%+ in the past 30 days alone.[1]
With the continuous development of the lightning network, many wallets have publicly expressed support for the lightning network. However, most of the wallets have not yet completed the support on the product, only few of them are actual functional.
This guide will give a comprehensive overview of the most mature wallets that support bitcoin lighting network and will also introduce some fun APP with lighting network payment (LAPP) so that you can experience the Lighting network and have some fun.

1. Lighting Network Wallet(

Lighting Network Wallet is an Android based wallet can be downloaded at google play. It features a standalone SPV Bitcoin node with a fully functional built-in Lightning node and allows for sending and receiving of regular Bitcoin transactions as well as off-chain Lightning payments.
Although the name looks like an official wallet, it is actually a product from an individual developer - Anton Kumaigorodski. However, Lighting Network Wallet is indeed one of the first wallets on the market to support lightning networks. Despite being a personal product, Lighting Network Wallet has very good reputation in the market, and Anton Kumaigorodski is also an experienced blockchain wallet developer with other 3 wallet product.
The first-time open Lighting Network Wallet, choose a new wallet, the app will create a wallet and prompt the user to save the mnemonic phrase.
Then you can see on-chain funds and off-chain funds which refer to Bitcoin Wallet and Lightning Network Wallet. To use the lightning network, you must first transfer a certain amount of BTC into the Bitcoin wallet, and then use these BTCs to create a new channel by yourself.

2. Blue Wallet (

Blue Wallet is an on-chain bitcoin wallet which supports both traditional bitcoin model and custodial lightning network model. On Blue wallet, you can create custodial Lightning wallets (or choose to run your own node), that allows you to use the Lightning Network for payments, without the need to open channels, be online, provide liquidity or operate and maintain a node. This Lightning model is powered by the LNDhub.
This is how custodial model works: "when user sends his bitcoins to a dedicated top-up address, and this balance is added to his account on LndHub. Then, the user can use this balance to pay Lightning invoices. But under the hood, it’s actually LndHub who pays the invoice, deducting the user’s account balance. It works the same way when the user wants to receive a Lightning payment - it’s LndHub who creates Lightning invoice and actually receives bitcoins on one of its channels.[2]
Compared to non-custodial lighting network wallets, Blue is much easier to onboard since it’s a more centralized model. When you are using the Lightning Network functions you rarely have obstacles on picking up. It’s just like using a common centralized wallet. The Blue Wallet team just set up an underlying channel on behalf of you at the rear end. So strictly speaking, it’s not a fully decentralized Lightning Network solution. It’s more of a transitional product than a professional solution. The drawbacks of this solution are user transfers his funds in custody to a 3rd party (and we all know that trusted 3rd parties are security holes, thanks to Nick Szabo).
However, it can bring more users to the Lightning Network with better user experiences. Therefore, if you are a newbie, you can start from Blue Wallet. But blue wallet app is not stable enough, I always encountered the blank page of the interface, where allow me to do nothing but reinstall it.

3. Eclair Mobile (

Eclair Mobile is a wallet running by ACINQ, a well-known Lighting channel. And the name of "Eclair" actually is the word "Lightning" in French.
Like Lighting network wallet, after created a new wallet in Eclair, I put a small amount of bitcoin into the wallet first. Then I can start to open new LN channel with two options - open with a random LN node or open with ACINQ node. I choose the ACINQ code and pay the funding tx fee as it asks. After around 20 mins, a new LN channel was setup. Then I tried twice with the new channel. The first time, I use another LN wallet to transfer 10 Santoshi but failed. The reason why it failed maybe relate to the unstable of the bridge node. Then the second time, it works.
Interestingly, when closing the channel, it reminds me that I have to wait for 720+ blocks to get my BTC back. It is a really long time to wait.

4. Bitpie Wallet (

Unlike other lightning network wallets, Bitpie is **an on-chain wallet supports a lot of major blockchain such Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, USDT, LTC, DASH and even Tron.**Bitpie wallet came from the same team who develop Bither wallet( which is listed in for many years and it looks like they have huge user base in Asia.
Similar to Blue wallet, Bitpie lighting network wallet is also a custodial model which reduce users learning curve. To use LN, user have to switch to bitcoin wallet first then switch from on-chain bitcoin model to LN model. The rest things are same to all the lighting wallets. You can enter a specific amount to collect or scan or bar code to send some Santoshis. But as a custodial model wallet, you don’t have to choose node or setup channel.
As a custodial model LN wallet, the overall experience is user-friendly and smooth. Bitpie also has a LAPP marketplacewhere users are able to use LAPP in wallet.

5. Zap Wallet (

Zap Wallet is a Lightning network Wallet provides two clients - iOS and windows desktop version. Although ZAP wallet is one of most powerful lighting network wallet candidates, it is not a user-friendly wallet at this moment.
Compare to other wallets, it is a little bit hard to get start with ZAP wallet. Since it is still in early development stage, by default, ZAP will connect you to bitcoin testnet rather than mainnet and it will take hours for blockchain data synchronization before you can use it.
When the synchronization is complete, user will able connect to one of those existing nodes and send some tBTCs(testnet Bitcoins) to setup a lighting network channel in testnet. Zap is also functional on mainnet, but you have to setup your own LND node, do a lot of configuration in command line before you can actually use it. This is way complicated for users but for hardcore player**, ZAP is definitely the most powerful lighting network wallet.**

6. Have some fun with LAPPs

There are already some fun LAPPs that you can pay with Lighting Network. Only very few of them are serious commercial project, but we can definitely have some fun with those LAPPs.
1. Satoshi’s Place (
Satoshi's Place is a Lightning Network powered online collaborative artboard. There are 1 million pixels on the canvas. Each pixel costs 1 Santoshi to paint and pixels can be painted over indefinitely.
This is a great way to experience the power of micro-transactions through the Bitcoin Lightning Network and have some fun.
The editing tools built into the website make it easy to draw, and finally calculate the total pixels, and check out through the lightning network.
Can you find my paint?
2. Bitrefill(
Bitrefill is an e-commerce site that lets you refill prepaid mobile phone or buy gift card using bitcoin lighting network. It supports prepaid SIM cards from over 600 carriers in over 150 countries. Full privacy and the top up happen as soon as the transaction clears.
Compares to most experimental LAPP, Bitrefill is a serious commercial project which is rare in Lighting Network community. You can really use the lightning network to pay for what you need in your life such as phone bill, dominos gift card or reddit award.
In a nutshell, The lightning network has grown tremendously, but the entire lightning network is still at a very early stage compared to other mature blockchain networks. As an experimental solution to the micropayment, it still has a long way to go.
However, with the continuous support of more wallets and the continuous emergence of LAPP, Lightning Network already entered a channel of accelerated development. With this speed, maybe you will use the Lightning Network every day to pay for a subway ticket, a cup of coffee or a slice of pizza in near future. 📷
[1] [2]
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How to trade more effectively [no registration and SMS]

How to trade more effectively [no registration and SMS]
Today we will tell you how to make morning exercises, how often to make breaks and how to replace coffee to stay as energetic as possible.
Apart from skills, knowledge and great strategy there are two more core elements for the successful trading— methods of relaxing and health care. You should keep fit, otherwise even the whale will start predicting not trading. In order to prevent it start making profit from the simple morning exercise.

Morning exercises

The only things you need are pants and yoga mat. Four simple exercises below will take you only 15 minutes.
Do magic with price growth. Lay on the back, bend and force your knees. You should touch the ground with the back of your head, the scapula and pelvis. Grasp your left knee with two hands and pull them to the chest. Stay in this position for 15-30 seconds. Make the same exercise with your right leg and after that using both legs. Repeat the exercise 2-3 times.
Rock the exchange rate. Take the same position. Put your hands on chest. Basically, we could make do with these actions, no way, let’s continue. Gently bend back so that the back of the head, shoulder blades and pelvis do not come off the floor. Hold the position for 5 seconds, then relax. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.
Pray for bitcoin growth. Stand on your knees, put your butt on your heels and touch the floor in front of you with your hands. Pull your palms on the floor forward, as if you want to reach out to crypto. Stay in this position for 20-30 seconds and relax.
Fall down at the very bottom. Lie on your back, push your legs and arms apart, close your eyes. Imagine how fresh and juicy crypto fruits grow in your balance. Lie in this position for 10 minutes and get up, full of strength and motivation.
Even though these exercises are not that good than a persistent smell of perspiring bodies in the gym, they will help to break the tension and relax. And if you make these exercises in the evenings you will have a sweety sleep as if the price on a flat.

Make break every 25 minutes.

If you seat at your computer without any break, your eyes will be tired and your brain messed up. To prevent it make small breaks after each session.
For example, work for 25 minutes — rest for 5 minutes. If you worked for 25 minutes four times in a row — make a break for 20. You can make eyes exercise during 5-minutes break or cry if the bid has led to losses. During a 20 minutes break have a walk, stretch your legs and make a cup of tea.
Relax in an armchair or lie on a sofa to do eyes gymnastics. Quickly blink within two minutes- that will improve blood circulation. Then, close your eyes tightly for 5 seconds and open, as if greatly surprised. Repeat 8-10 times. This exercise helps to relax your muscles. Just close your eyes after that and relax for one minute. If you are on the verge of falling asleep set timer for one minute.
During a big break you can go for a walk. If you’re afraid of stepping away from your computer walk around your room and do ten sit-ups. The movement gets your blood flowing, gathers your thought and you have a fresh start in your efforts. In order not to forget about the breaks set timer on your phone.

Siesta at lunch.

A successful trader is a well-fed and rested trader. In order to save more energy and not to fall asleep right on your keyboard have a nap at lunch time and do not eat refined sugar. Japanese traders set it as a rule to sleep at lunch time for 20-40 minutes a long time ago. This time is enough to sleep in and accumulate energy for trading and start working hard.
Forget about muffins, coffee with four sugars and sweets. Our body spends a lot of energy on sugar food processing. Thus you sleep bad. Sugar affects our memory and mental process — it will be difficult to analyze charts.

Drink water - no coffee

Coffee helps our body to generate more energy and affects our brain as a drug. Trader drinks a cup of coffee, empowers and works non-stop until the “energy” effect ends. When the energy ends, the withdrawal begins — trader has a headache, wants to sleep and goes for one more cup of coffee.
It happens because coffee dehydrates our body. When our body lacks of water it experiences stress — here come exhaustion and drowsiness. If you drink one-two glasses of still water you will feel energetic but with no side effects. That’s why if you want to be full of energy drink more water. If you cannot trade without coffee drink one cup and then a glass of water. This way you refill water balance and the withdrawal will be less harmful.
We have a lifehack for you. If you trade all night long, get up in the morning and have a headache — drink two glasses of still water. The water balance will return to normal, the vessels will start to work better and the headache will go away. You shouldn’t drink coffee with milk on an empty stomach or for breakfast — gastritis develops from such a combination.
Take care and mine crypto. Good luck and profits!
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My Story, Some Other Stories, and Thoughts On The Recent Events Surrounding Kratom

Hey everyone.
So I've been browsing this subreddit every day since the ban was announced, and never would have guessed that Kratom had such an active following that were so passionate about keeping it freely available to others.
I live on the east coast, and have been subject to seasonal depression during the cold winters ever since I was young. I've seen different physicians and psychologists about it, but it seems my brain chemistry just gets out of whack, and I consistently wake up feeling fatigued and really emotionally low during those months.
Over the years I've tried a number of amphetamines - that made my heart race, made me dizzy, and gave me tunnel-vision like focus rather than boosting my mood or stabilizing my energy levels (not to mention leaving me subject to the cardiotoxicity associated with them).
I've gone the whole nine yards with tons of different SSRI's that made me feel too manic and gave me miserable brain and body zaps as I tapered off each one that was ineffective. Not to mention, I've tried all the 'natural' treatment suggestions like vitamin D, SamE, etc. and hardly noticed any difference.
I tried Kratom on a whim one day while I was at the head shop and saw one of the lower quality bottles of capsules for sale. The cashier said he'd taken it for years, and it didn't affect his ability to focus at work - rather improved it. This particular bottle was of Maeng Da. The moment that day my first capsules kicked in, I felt completely at ease. I felt like I'd taken a sip of the perfect cup of coffee, and could tackle anything... But I had nothing to do that day (this was a summer at Uni, I was off work). I stood up, twisted and cracked my back (I've got fairly bad scoliosis and TMJ) and my neck and went outside. I lounged on my porch, and felt as if I was taking in all the positive energy from the warm sun, and called all the friends I had neglected to speak to for a while.
I really loved Kratom from the start, and found this community online and started purchasing larger quantities and different strains (my two favorites have always been white veins for productive days, and red veins for lax evenings). I made an effort to share it with anyone who was interested - especially those who had troubles with opiate addiction and dependency.
That's about the extent of my story. It has helped me get through the winter more than anything else I'd tried. I haven't taken Kratom for at least six months, and usually, during the warmer months, I have no issues getting a small 30-50g pack and enjoying it on and off. But during the winter, I've never been more eager to spring out of bed and start my day than when I had a tablespoon of Kratom ready.
The special thing about my story, and the others' that I'm about to share, is that I'm from a county that's notorious for opiate trafficking and abuse. We had the 2nd or 3rd highest heroin trafficking rate in the whole country for at least a decade. My dad was a paramedic on the city fire department for 20 or so years, and I can't tell you the number of times he'd come home or mention at holiday gatherings how his whole work day was going on runs and giving Narcan to people who overdosed on heroin.
It was quite ironic, last winter, going to my Aunt and Uncle's house and seeing them getting ready for a funeral for my 25 year old cousin - who had overdosed on heroin just weeks before my visit. Just a year or so before that, a friend of his shot up while driving with some friends on the highway, and collided straight into a semi. Some of his friends died in that accident, and he ended up a paraplegic. Moments after they told me of my cousin’s death, a political ad came on the TV. Who else could it be, but our democratic candidate for senate.
The commercial faded in from black, and (scumbag) was standing in a mourning mother's living room on a snowy day. She was sitting on the sofa, holding a picture of her son, crying. He put his hand on her shoulder, and said, "I'm [scumbag politican], and I care about stopping the opioid epidemic." The fuck he did. Scumbag politician doesn't give a fuck about anything but winning his campaign. He’s selling the same brand of populism we’re seeing in campaigns at all levels, from politicians that state their platform tongue in cheek and act like they’re going to fight for you, but won’t do shit for anyone once they’ve secured their position in office.
Had he truly cared, he would have campaigned in my county - that is filled with mindless doped up zombies who are slaves to their opiate addictions. My county, that despite its well known issues with opiate trafficking and addiction, ignorantly decided to ban the sale of Kratom over a year ago (which meant nothing since you could drive a half hour to the next county and pick some up). My city, where painkillers were the choice drug over alcohol and marijuana in high school. My city, that’s not a major city, that folks from the bigger and more wealthier cities within a 100 mile radius come just to get their heroin and pills. My city, where we bust ‘pill rings’ every few months of folks who ‘doctor shop’ in a 600 mile radius just to bring the Vicodin and Percocet back and sell it to everyone for criminal, unsustainable, prices per pill.
I had a roommate at Uni, that I shall call A. A was 28 years old, hadn’t finished college, and seemed to remain dependent on his mother. She ran a local cleaning business, and he was in charge of a lot of the hiring, management, and general business. A had quite a story, that I never would have guessed. Back when A was in high school, he cut the tip of his finger off with a power tool in shop class. He said they’d attempted 9 surgeries to try to get it back on right, but ended up cauterizing that part of his finger. That was his introduction to opiates - a tragic accident in high school. He had seen a doctor after the first surgery, who wrote him a prescription for Percocet with unlimited refills. Well, one day, his doctor randomly decided to cut him off. Not only did he not write a script with no refills, but he would not write him a script any longer. Being close to my home county, A turned to heroin for a while… but by the time I met him, he had been buying Suboxone directly from dealers and using it for maintenance. One of the first things he said after he told me his story was that he wished he could redo his 20’s all over again - without ever having touched opiate medications or heroin. He felt guilty and said he screwed up his whole life.
I was always suspicious of A. Despite being part of the local business with his mom, he rarely left the apartment. You could always tell when he had his Suboxone, because he’d be sitting on the porch playing the same game on his cell phone for hours on end. Eventually, despite an agreement between us that we could share his internet if I paid half, it was shut off. I had to subscribe myself and pay it in full. When I inquired about his internet, they said he hadn’t paid his bill in months. Weeks after that, I heard yelling between him and our landlord one evening. He hadn’t been paying his rent. He was forcibly evicted not long afterwards.
My other friend I’ll mention, B, is a family friend’s father. B is a U.S. Air Force veteran, who received a dishonorable discharge. Despite being the one who did the majority of the work on the planes in his flight, he was subject to a lot of torment by a higher ranked officer. Before inspections, the officer would deliberately mess up his bed sheets, or unscrew the lightbulb above his bunk - once he even super glued his coffee mug to the bed frame. B grew fed up, and chased the senior officer down with a railroad tie one night. Somehow, despite other lower ranked officers siding with B, the senior officer was able to get him discharged without receiving any punishment himself.
B doesn’t get very good pension, but he is paying rent and is helping finance his son’s college. He’s growing old, and his health is in poor shape. B has had 5 or so heart attacks in the past couple years, and scared a nurse away because he was lying in his hospital bed with no pulse and woke up the moment she came in. Usually when I go visit B, he appears to be in great pain. He complains that his head is throbbing most of the day, and that he often times has trouble breathing. He too, has become a slave to opiate medications, and uses them illicitly. He pays 8 dollars per Percocet, and uses multiple a day - loading them in his pill crusher and snorting them up his nose the moment he needs relief. It seems he has prioritized them over buying food for himself and his son.
As it turns out, when I offered some Kratom for A to try, he had believed some of the misinformation published about it on the internet - and was too scared to try it. He genuinely believed he was safer and better off with his Suboxone habit. He pays much more than B each day to maintain his Suboxone habit - as evidenced by his internet being shut off, and him being kicked out.
I didn’t learn of B’s pill habit until a week or so before the ban was announced, and I hadn’t had the money in that time to buy him some to try. I feel horrible about it, because it could have been a lot more sustainable financially, and less of a risk to his health.
These are just a couple stories, and in the area I live in, everyone knows a handful of people like this. I haven’t shared them yet because the Kratom ban makes me very sad and angry with what my father, family, friends, and I have witnessed firsthand in our area regarding the opiate epidemic.
With that, let me correct Mr. Rosenberg’s quote to the press:
"I want the Kratom community to know that the DEA does [not care for their lives one bit, nor do they care about science or public opinion]."
"Our goal is to make sure this is available to all of them [on the black market, after we’ve labeled every single one of them a criminal for not being dependent on opiate medications instead]."
A lot of you have tied this ban to Big Pharma, and their perceived threat towards their ever growing revenues from selling opiate medications. You’ve provided figures in the tens of billions of dollars for their revenues from selling a single name brand opiate painkiller. You’ve linked several media stories about how they’ve been trying to patent and do something with the active compounds in Kratom. Some of you have said that conspiracy goes too far.
Either way, I think we can agree that Big Pharma and the DEA are our number one enemies. As much as we may call out the politicians for being crooked phonies, we’ve gotten a lot of their support in this struggle. Big Pharma is putting their billions into lobbying the same phonies that are running a race on the opioid epidemic and don’t give two fucks about it, instead of researching and developing opiate-free pain medications and especially non-addictive ones at that. Look at the controversy surrounding the Epi-pen lately. I don’t need to say much about the DEA, or Rosenberg, or The War on Drugs…
What I will say is, whether or not the ban goes through, Kratom will still be on the market. There have been a lot of posts asking about that… whether it would exist on Darknet markets. The gist of what I’ve heard from other users is that it would be too risky to ship per pound / revenue, so a lot of it would be extracts and not plain leaf.
But extracts can work, right? I have also read a lot of stories bout extracts, and not plain leaf, that helped people get off of heroin.
So whether or not this ban goes through, we should take it upon ourselves to continue to fight the opioid epidemic, with our own cure. Knowing A and B, and so many folks like them, and their unique stories, I’ve always pondered what good we could do if everyone shared Kratom with just three painkiller or heroin addicts they knew, and helped them make the switch. We may need to start investing in Bitcoin, and start teaching these folks how to navigate Tor like true ‘criminals’, or perhaps do that ourselves and take on the role of ‘drug dealer’... But wouldn’t it be worth it to make such a difference in people’s lives? If DEA was truly Big Pharma’s puppet in this decision, because they perceived Kratom as a financial threat to their ever growing opiate industry, wouldn’t it put a smile on your face knowing that after this controversy, we put Kratom on the map and decimated their precious painkiller sales and saved lives by switching everyone over?
Again, I’m truly amazed by what I see browsing this subreddit everyday, and seeing the support for Kratom by the general public, big media outlets like Forbes and Huffington Post, and the rallying done by everyone. We have such a diverse group telling #IAmKraton stories (we need #WeAreKratom too with all of this unity, IMO). It’s amazing that we have a voice like the American Kratom Association - not to mention their $100,000 donation - and Pain News Network. But regardless of whether or not we can stop DEA and Big Pharma on our plight...
Let’s fuck ‘em right in the pussy.
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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] I use Bitcoin every day and I no longer hold any fiat

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The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: Bitcoin/comments/7k3k4m
The original post's content was as follows:
I pay my rent with Bitcoin, I buy my groceries with Bitcoin and yes, I buy my coffee with Bitcoin. Listening to that-other-bitcoin-subreddit and the-fork-that-shall-not-be-named-subreddit, you would think that Bitcoin has entirely ceased to be a viable medium of exchange. I disagree. My transaction fees are less than a penny when buying coffee, and they are about to get a whole lot cheaper once Lightning Network and Rootstock get deployed.
When I began exchanging my fiat into Bitcoin years ago my goal was to use it to buy things, not to hodl. This was at a time when Bitcoin was boring in price terms anyway. The problem was that no merchant accepted my currency. I knew this to be a temporary state of affairs and so it did not bother me and I kept holding onto my currency and pushing for adoption where I could.
In the spring of 2017 I received my first crypto debit card from Cryptopay. It bridged the gap between my magic-internet-money and the real world. It was exhilarating to finally be able to use my Bitcoin daily. Unfortunately, the card held euro and so it did not really feel like I was spending Bitcoin, as I used the mobile app to manually refill the card by exchanging Bitcoin into euro.
Fast forward to the summer of 2017 and TenX came along promising a card that automatically converted, at the time of the transaction, between Bitcoin and whatever currency the merchant accepted. I was one of the first to order their card, which was a real challenge at the time due to their extremely buggy software. Late in autumn my card arrived and I knew things would never be the same again.
There was one more obstacle still remaining for full adoption. I kept falling victim to Gresham’s law, which states that bad money drives out good money. I wanted to hold onto my crypto which increased in value and preferred to spend my fiat which decreased in value due to inflation. The only way to escape this was to go full crypto. The value increase of Bitcoin already meant that 95% of my money was suddenly in crypto. And so I decided to go full crypto and to never look back.
TenX works similar to an exchange in that transactions on the platform do not occur onchain. When I buy coffee I pay neither a transaction fee nor an exchange fee. The merchant pays the fee to Visa and the card issuer, same as with any debit or credit card. Transfering 0.1 BTC to my TenX account cost me $2 (100 sat/byte) and took 48 hours. Perhaps not ideal but good enough, and it allows me to purchase 1000 cups of coffee with an average transaction cost of 0.2 cents per cup. With TenX aiming to get 1 million of these cards into circulation in 2018, I feel that the world is about to get a whole lot more interesting, at least here in the EU.
If Bitcoin were to crash 90% tomorrow, I would still buy the dip with my next paycheck. But unless Satoshi were to dump his stash at the same time as the US, EU and China all tried to ban Bitcoin, I doubt we will be fortunate enough to get such a steep discount.
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[Table] IAmA: I am 26, have been homeless for 8 years, have never panhandled, and like my life. AMA.

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Date: 2012-12-01
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Do you have any animals you keep around to, you know, comfort you? I have not had any animals, but I have considered it, I just feel like it would limit my freedom to much for my liking. I have met plenty of travelers who do have them. I feel like if I were a chick I would have a dog for protection.
Edit: just saw your name, your italics make sense now.
What is the most dangerous situation you've been in? I got attacked by four guys once, could have been much worse than it was, I was asleep but they woke me up before they attacked me. The attack started with waterballoons, escalated into kicks, and climaxed with a crowbar to the forehead with a bit of blood, this is when I ran away. I went to the cops and found out a girl had gotten attacked at the same place earlier that night by 4 guys and a crowbar, she died.
That's really sad. I went out of my way to help people that are homeless here in Atlanta, it's sad to see that people are going out of their way to do the exact opposite. The stories and scars I have seen are heartbreaking and absurd, I was in the keys when a humbum was beat to the point that he had no more facial features.
It is always nice to hear of people helping out. I think way more helpful than a couple bucks is a conversation that aims at getting to know their personal situation because then you can see what specific actions could be taken to help them. Lots of homeless will turn your 10bucks into a night of not having to consider their future or their pathetic situation which just makes it worse for them long run, but if you can find one that legitly wants out of their rut and you can help them with some job searching help, use of computer or phone, encouragement, incentives(if I see you working a job I will give you a hundred bucks...),a backyard or garage until they start getting paychecks, you can really change a life...
Offtopic: Are you redditing on your phone, or are you at an Internet café? I am redditing on my phone at starbucks with their wifi, I have no plan on my phone.
How do you make money? Where do you sleep? Where do you shower? I make money by juggling and balancing things on my nose, as well as the occasional magic trick.
I sleep behind abandoned buildings, in woods, on public transit, occasionally on a kind strangers porch or couch. The more I do this, the more I run into people I know who house me for a night here or there.
I answered the shower question.
Have somebody film you performing and put it on youtube along with your story. then tell him to cut you in on the royalties- then end up making more money than all of us; then own your own starbucks I occasionally go on little hunts through youtube for videos of myself, I have found quite a few, but I have a feeling most I wont find because the searches are all quite generic "juggler in boulder" or whatever bc I dont tell my name when I perform...
A Stage Name perhaps? Actually it is not that I dont want ppl to know my name, it is that I dont like to talk when I perform. I have always liked the idea that I can get paid just to stand and practice what I want to practice without focusing on patter and jokes and stuff. I make less money because of this, but I think it is worth it. And a sign next to me has always stuck as something I dont want to do, I dont mind not being able to find all the videos of me, if they are good enough then they will float to the surface of the internet and I will see them, and plus I can always video myself and watch it all I want.
You can't possibly still be in Boulder for another month or so...are you nomadic, or do you have a semi stable living arrangement with friends during the Winter? I left boulder almost 2 months ago, I was there about a week this time. I was just using it as an example of how I hunt for myself on youtube. I have a place I can crash in boulder if I want though.. A few days at a time at least. Boulder is very easy outdoor sleeping, the cold is an issue for me there though. I am pretty sure I will be outside mostly this winter wherever I end up.
What are you going to do when you turn an age where you are no longer capable of keeping up with such stressful physical activities to support yourself? You seem somewhat intelligent, was there some sort of breakdown or turning point in your life? Are you addicted to drugs? Possibly teach juggling or other circus arts. The past couple years I have been listening to ttc lectures quite a bit, kind of trying to broaden my levels of interest, sort of looking for something that interests me. I have had a few turning points I would say, questioning my religious upbringing was a big one about 7 years ago, really trying to separate the learned from the experienced and sorting out what was true and what I was pretending to be true based on what I thought those close to me wanted me to hold as true. Later on there was realising that I enjoyed my life more the more I took care of myself, years ago I would use food stamps and regularly eat at soup kitchens, but I met enough people in that world that I decided it would make me happier to have more control over my life.
I have had my times with different drugs, I dont regret them, dont have a problem with addicts, I have met a lot of fascinating crackheads. I talk about drugs more in the response to someone elses question.
fascinating crackheads. Do, I prithee, go on... From my experience, the magic of a crackhead is one that can only be experienced first hand, it is that mindset that turns on a dime, they can be extremely distraught over their addiction and the course their life has taken one moment and seconds later with one small puff of a pipe their problems vanish, they rule the world, all of existence was created for the sole purpose of bringing them pleasure. I had a 19 yr old crackwhore who could barely walk up steps, all her bones showing through her skin, tell me that she knew crack was killing her, but as long as she kept getting high she didnt care. This girl told me she hated water, it was soda crack and chips for her.
Fascinating crackheads? Do go on... Can you give me your best fascinating crackhead story? It is more the thing that they all have in common that has always fascinated me, not particularly individual stories. Lots of crackheads are in surrealy similar situations. The high only lasts 7-15 minutes, and 15 is far end, after that all that matters is getting more crack you can see it in their eyes that anything else you are talking about other than getting them more crack money is going right past them. It is like when a really horny is talking to a really hot chick, he just nods and agrees while his mind keeps saying "when we gunna fuck?". The are like golum from lotr.
Where specifically in Starbucks? I just cut a hole in the seat of my pants and hop up on the garbage hole on the counter at the cream and sugar station, nobody ever knows what I am doing.
Why starbucks? is there some advantage to going there or do you have something against them? I guess I just kind of jumped onboard with a running joke amongst street people with starbucks being a goto bathroom for them. However, if given a choice, i would generally choose anywhere over starbucks for shitting bc starbucks is almost always individual use only so if you are going to take a nice long relaxed shit you come out to awkward glares from a long line of strangers. More stalls the better, so not actually starbucks. The best qre train stations, airports, libraries, casinos...
Washing yourself is better at starbucks though bc you can strip down, scrub up with soapy paper towels, rinse off, and when you leave everybody thinks you were just taking a shit, but they have no idea what you were doing...
I also work at starbucks, all the homeless do at our store is dig cups out of the trash so they can get refills, and shit all over the bathroom. I really mean it. They SHIT alll over the bathroom. It is because you guys have those private bathrooms and you dont use customer only keys in most cities.
The cup thing is ending at lots of starbucks so the humbums are switching over to einstein bros bc if you find a cup there you can fill it up yourself and dont have to pay 54 cents. It is just like mcdonalds soft drinks.
Whats the hardest part? Hardest part: It definetly changes from time to time, loneliness can be pretty rough at times, I find it hard to relate with the dirty homeless beggar type person, which is most of them, and just living in a very different world than they average guy makes it hard to relate there too. So lots of my time is spent by myself. That is probably what has made me decide to do this. It is weird though because at other times I treasure my solitude and ability to be by myself, this is the case more often than not. I am not generally wondering around feeling sad and alone, but it does get to me times.
Whats the best part? Best part: My freedom. I am never obliged to do anything. If I am into a book, it normally goes down in one big gulp. If I want to see texas, I just go. If you are annoying me, I delete you from my life. I can always do what I want when I want, no boss, roomates, nothing that most people seem to feel they must 'put up with'.
How do you get your basic needs met? Basic needs: Well, food is the biggest issue. I make money to buy food when I can by juggling when I can, when I cannot for some reason I have come up with different ways to get food. When I was new I would eat at soup kitchens, but that generally left me feeling shitty, not because the food was bad, it often is quite good, but because I would feel like a leech on society. It is very rare that I do that now. Nowadays if I feel I must eat and have no money I will look for leftover containers near or in garbages, or dig in grocery store dumpsters. It is amazing how much better I feel when I dont eat much compared to when I eat alot. Often it is one meal a day and a snack. What other basic needs are there? Medical has been a non-issue. I carry a tooth brush..
So you don't want a job or just don't have any? How do you get money for food and other things you might need? Where do you sleep in winter? I am not currently pursuing employment, however if the right job were to present itself I would certainly accept it. I get lots off food for free, but I also make some money juggling, and the occasional odd job. Winters I almost always go south, the florida keys, socal, hawaii, new orleans..
Do you get food poisoning from eating out of dumpsters? Are you ever picky about what you eat (stale food, bad flavor or texture)? I have never gotten sick from eating out of a garbage/dumpster that I know of. Garbage food is always leftovers that were just purchased, or food still packaged that just went past expiration date and is still good. Sometimes I will go to mall foodcourts, look around at all the eaters, spot some that I doubt will finish their food and position myself between them and the garbage and just do a quick "mind if I take that for you?" as they are walking toward the bin, people love giving away food instead of throwing it away, and foodcourts love selling more food than people eat.
I try to stick to a pretty vegan diet, but I certainly do make regular exceptipn based on hunger, but it has almost never come to stale food.
How did you like new orleans? I havnt been there in years but the big thing that sticks out was how talented the street performers were and how performer friendly the laws and tourists were. There were some really amazing magicians there, and very likely still are.
I imagine dumpster food to be pretty dangerous to eat since it could come in contact with dirty surfaces there. The food court idea is actually really smart since that will be your freshest food. Were you ever a couple seconds too late and they threw it out, and say you go after that food in the trash? Haha, yesterday I was midsentence when a girl dumped 2 pizza rolls and pasta in the garbage, and no I didnt go after it. I will take the closed styrofoam container 'whiteboxes' out though. So far as them coming in contact with dangerous stuff, I dont dig, I just pull off the top, and I stick to areas with garages that are often changed. Oh, and packaged dumpster food I wash.
I was with a girl a few years back who pulled an icecream cone out of a garbage and ate it, that shit was fucked up.
Have you ever called up a pizzeria, ordered something for pick up, then just wait for them to throw out your order once they realize you're not going to pick it up? I typed up an answer to this but it is gone, maybe I replied somewhere else accidently.. But no I have not done this and I doubt it would work bc in highschool I worked for pizzahut and when that would happen we would get to eat the pizza back at the store. It wasnt beyond us to call in fake orders..
The closest I have done was tell fastfood places they fucked up my order the other day and that I had called in and was told to come in and someone would give me what was left out.. I even had a worker lie and tell me that he was the one who took my bullshit call... I have not done this for about three or four years.
Do you shave or do you have the stereotypical homeless guy scruff? I shave and keep clean, if you dont see me with my stuff you dont know I am homeless.
You mentioned you have a little brother. How does he or any other family members feel about your way of life? Do you worry that something might happen to you and they won't know? Sorry for being depressing, I really am glad you decided to do this AMA. Family worried some at first but less now. I talk about this some in another response. However, my little brother specifically I think will end up traveling, he allready tried taking off on his own once but got caught by the cops. So far as something happening to me and nobody knowing, I am ok with this, if my body is not burried 'properly' dont mind, I feel bad for my family though if this is the case because it would be such a drawn out painful process of not knowing if I am alive and not communicating for longer than normal or if I am dead or stuck somewhere. My concern for how they would feel is not enough for me to want to make sure I am constantly surrounded by people who would know who to contact if I go missing.
Do you have a family that you keep in touch with? What do they think of your lifestyle? What about falling in love and having a relationship? Is your aim to get into a position where you do have a home, or don't you think about your long term situation? I keep in touch with my family rarely, I prefer to interact in person, I have allready done more typing in this ama than I have done in the last 2 years. I dont have a phone plan, so I rarely call. So when I am in their towns I hang out but thats about it. I have never had a girlfriend, but there have been a couple girls that I have hung out with for a month here and there in open relationship style. My longest relationship has been a platonic one with a guy a couple years older than me, we have traveled for about 2 years together on and off over the span of the last four years. I guess so far as a place goes, I come more from a point of view that if there is something I want to do and having a place will make that possible, then having one is what I want, but getting a place as a goal in and of itself is not my desire.
Where do you sleep? If you are in a tent, how do you secure it? Do you ever feel venerable when you sleep at night? Thank you. In parks, woods, public transit, behind churches is good bc they are almost never there so nobody ever knows and if they do show up they are not dicks about it. In and around lots of abandoned places like casinos, apartment complexes, motels, churches, houses. Sometimes just out of view in busy places, under bushes, bridges, behind dumpsters.
Greatest place was in an apartment building where I went into an apartment and constructed a closet in front of a bedroom door, completely concealing it, filled the closet with clothing so to get into my room you would have to slide all the clothes to the side and then slide the back of the closet to the side. Narnia style.
I dont have tent, traveled with one for a week, but replaced it with a tarp, easier to carry. If I must I lay on it and pull it over me and tuck it on the other side like a buritto.
I have gotten good at picking spots to stay safe from drunks and cops amd such, out of sight out of mind.
...constructed a closet in front of a bedroom door... What what what??? how did you do this without a truck full of tools? This is brilliant! Was there an empty apartment? How did it end? My hobby at that time was going around at night and 'looting' abandoned and half burned buildings, so I found this big closet, the kind that is like an enyertainment center, not the kind that is like a room. The only tool I needed was a knife with the end broken off so it became a flathead screwdriver. The hard part was moving the thing piece be piece to my place, but once there I put it back together in front of my bedroom door, I set up the room it was in to look like a lived in bedroom so nobody who broke into my squat(abandoned apartment I was occupying) would assume the dummy room was mine and I would be safe behind the closet in my actual room. I was young at the time and very worried about sleeping safely. I stayed in that squat for about 2 months. This was in spain, I was 18. It ended with the building being demolished.
How did you get a visa to Spain? Or, if you're Spanish, how did you get a visa to the US? Visas for the main part of the eu are easy to get for 3mo at a time, you just fly in and they stamp your passport. From my experience the uk wants to see money before they give you one so they know you are not a bum coming to live off of them. Im from the us.
I would like to hear more about this building being demolished. Did you just wake-up one morning with the sounds of workers in your squat? Did you find out about it before hand and leave before the building went down? Ok, so this is what happeneafter I had been in there around 2 months, I met a group of squatters that all lived together in another building, they had just gotten notices posted all around their building saying that they had to move out bc their building was gunna be demolished. Since they had no place else to go and I had a ton of empty apartments in my building I took them over to my building and we went up to the top floor(my apt was on 2nd floor). On the top floor there were 3 small apts, so we connected 2 of them by bashing out a wall, we got their electrical fixed too(i had done this at my apt as well). So, we start moving all their stuff in and these 2 random homeless guys show up and freak out saying they live in the top floor, we assumed that nobody was up there bc it was a mess and there was no electricity when we found it. So to make them happy I gave them my apt and moved in with my squating budies on the top floor, after about a week the cops showed up and told us that we had to move out bc now our building was set to get demolished, it was around that time that I flew back to england, my squating friends found another squat, a really nice one, a house, not another apt.
Where in Spain did you live? And when you left did you just fly back to the states? I was in the north of spain in bilbao, and ya I came back to the states afterwards.
Don't you miss women? I do. I am not in a hurry though, I tend to subscribe to the view that if you do what makes you happy then you will find other people doing the same and then neither of you will be so dependent on the other to be happy. I also kind of wonder if maybe in some way I dont realise just how amazing a relationship can be, makes me excited about the future.
How long has it been since the last time you had sex/a relationship with someone? Could you briefly describe the circumstances? Haha, it was in atlantic city about 16 months ago, she was a mid thirties single mom, lost, looking for the bus to jersey city I think, we ended up swimming in the ocean for a bit, I bought a hotel room and thats about it, I showed her where the bus to jersey was the next day.
I'm not homeless but I couldn't even afford a hotel room right now How could you. At that time I had up over 5k cash, it made me nervous carrying that much so I never minded spending it, I bought a 100 dollar ticket to see britney spears within a few days of that, just because I could. But generally I stick right around 0(cash, not savings)and make money when I need it.
I've noticed a high male to female ratio of homeless people on the streets, even among the young travelers. Why do you think this is? Are there more women's shelters, or do women have more incentive to get off the street because of the danger of assault? I dont think it is because there are more female shelters, I think it is because it is more dangerous, rapes and attacks. Also it more common for a housed male to take in a homeless female for companionship or sex than viceversa.
Ever bang any female homeless chicks? Yes, that I have done.
I've never even thought life as a female traveler would be possible for me, is it at all plausible? O yes, very plausible, lots of the teen and 20s travelers seem to travel in groups for companionship, but safety is an added benefit too. I often prefer to travel alone, and I have met solo traveler chicks, some go with dogs fir safety and they say a dog will increase your begging income as much as a guitar. If you want a group you can always go to a very traveler heavy town to start and find a crew. Lots of ppl have mentioned some main ones, both portlands, stsanta cruz, ann arbour, nyc's east village.. Just to name a few, if you are interested you can post a city and I can try and name a mecca close by.
What's your benefit to society? My benefit to society is too difficult to measure for it to be anything but opinion, and so take this ama for example, it was only possible as a result of the lifestyle I live, so is this ama beneficial to society? If so, does it justify the costs that society has incurred on my behalf? Some say it does, some say it doesnt, I dunno, but I am having a pretty good time.
Just curious, but do you think the fact that you have never pan-handled means you don't live off society? I feel like I do live off society, everyone in society does. I dont live off pity though, not for moral reasons, but because you get better at what you do and I dont eant to be good at making people feel bad for me, I want to get good at doing stuff that people want to see to the point that they decide it is in their best interest to give me their hard earned money. As a street performer I am offering my services for societies money, skills that I have been cultivating since I was 13, that I paid society to help me develope when I trained at a school of circus arts after highschool (i could only afford tuition not rent, this is why I initially became homeless). I do not look down on those who beg, it is just unique that you meet a homeless guy who doesn't that is why I mentioned it. Even beggers offer those who donate to them something, they get a good feeling that you can only get when you help someone else out, but im not saying that I myself subscribe to an altruistic philosophy, and I dont give to beggars because I know how easy food is to get (in america), and thus thats not what they actually need money for in almost every case that I have encountered.
I think I just ranted. Tldr; I live off society via an exchange of my services for societies money, don't we all?
My questions are really more of general interest, rather than any type of attack on you. Others have questioned many other things. My general interest was on your self image and how you felt about the way you live. I really do appreciate the honest replies. I am really unsure about how I see myself, I dont know if my contributions outweigh the burden I put on society, I dont regret the experiences I have had and the people I have met but I am wondering if I might not be more fullfilled living a different life, I think that is a big part of why I am doing this ama. Its not just to see how ppl see me or to show ppl a different type of life, but to help me reevaluate how I see myself.
Why did you choose to live this kind of live? Thanks for the AMA! It started because I really wanted to go to a particular circus arts college after highschool and had limited funds, it was tuition or rent. It continued because traveling to the school gave me the travel bug and living off nothing while at the school gave me the confidence to continue doing it. I left the school after three months and have been travelling ever since.
I am also very thankful for this ama, it has been quite a blessing to have so many people interested in discussing my life with me. So, you're welcome, and thankyou too!
How do you live then without panhandling? Do you have a job? I have gotten a few month or two long jobs on farms at which times the farmers house me) and then lived off that money for awhile, but 95% of the time momey comes from street performing, or living money free when I dont want to perform. Oh, I also lived in a van for a short stretch and made money as an emergency long distance delivery driver, that allowed me to amass the savings that I now have, but rarely touch. I like living around zero as opposed to constantly pulling money out of savings, but I do occasionally when money is tough and I want to fly or something.
So since you have a savings what is your long term plans? A few things, the connection between music and juggling has long fascinated me and I would like to develope a set off juggling balls that send there location to a computer which converts the peak height of each throw to a sound, so I can then not only juggle to music but make music while I juggle. I would also like to work with a band at some point.
I would like to write a book at some point both about my travels and how anyone can travel very cheap.For example, I just rode my bicycle from new hampshire to san diego(i got a couple rides in some rough spots) I had 13 dollars cash when I started and didnt touch my savings until I finished(i got myself a place for a couple weeks after I finished).
Link to Piano juggling. Pretty neat stuff! Thats a good one, lots of the piono jugglers have setups where the next note in a recorded song place regardless of where they hit, but that guy seemed to be actually playing a song.
I like that you call 13 dollars savings! To me that is broke as fuck. Not criticizing at all, I really think that is great. Lol, no 13 was my spending cash, my savings is all in bitcoin and is a bit larger than 13 bucks, hence being able to get a place for a couple weeks with it.
I'd read the fuck out of an article or two of yours. Thank you! I havnt written this much in years and I have been enjoying it immensely, I appreciate your encouragement.
Whats are some good towns you have been through? Some towns are more "forgiving" than others. Well, I have some favorites, nyc, all of hawaii, st louis, santa cruz, portland maine, burlington vt, lots of east fl, boulder co, bilbao spain.. These ones stick out now, but im sure there are others that ill think of later and wont be able to believe I didnt put them down. Oh south western is awsome for there bike path system, they have hundreds of miles of pathes all around columbus, dayton and that whole area, even down to Cincinnati I think.
This guy is homeless and he does more traveling than me. I must be doing something wrong. Well, it is sort of like I am homeless to make it so easy to travel, everytime I go town to town the only expences I have are those I feel I need to keep myself going. No paying rent somewhere I am not, no hotel rooms(generally), just food, pleasures, and necessities.
I live in portland, Maine! Link to
If you ever pass through Saint Louis and need anything please feel free to hit me up. Thanks man! I love st louis, university city to be precise, I was there about 3 months ago.
If you're out "east FL" way, hit me up, my man. I have a nice couch and cold beer. Thanks man, I have hit up almost every, maybe even every town on the east coast of fl, so I was very likely in your town before. It has been quite a few years so I just may be due for another trip that way.
I'm from Santa Cruz, What did you enjoy so much about it? It was both a very special time in my life, I had just gone from a year of really being very alone to cramming into a van with five guys and driving across the country, when we found santa cruz we all just knew it was the place for us. There are so many travelers there, the locals are very supportive of travelers, especially performers passing through. There are woods so close by the downtown area, which are the best place to sleep. The college there is gorgeous, and it is very easy to audit the occasional class there which is an immensely fun passtime. They have one of the largest weekly meetup of firespinners and drummers in the country, up on the cliffs by the lighthouse. The dog sculptures on the street (pacific I think) where dogs are banned always made me laugh.
How did you get to hawaii? Airplane, been there 3 or 4 times, answered this elsewhere, but tickets can get cheap if you check obsessively and are willing to fly immediatly upon finding a good deal. Ive got some savings stashed away that I have gathered up from doing some legit jobs in the past.
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